Thursday, May 12, 2011

A post about not having posted

Yes, I am back from England.

Yes, I went to the Royal Wedding.

No, I didn't blog while I was gone. (No time.)
No, I haven't had time to edit all my pics from my trip.
No, I haven't had time to blog about my trip.
Yes, life is hectic.

I desperately, desperately want to share all the fun we had (and we had a lot) with everyone, along with some of the great photos I took (loving that wide-angle lens) but the reality is that work (both kinds) is jamming right now. I have two photo shoots to edit and more photo shoots scheduled for the weekends and evenings ahead. And let's not even talk about the piles and piles of laundry. Oy vey, the laundry!

What I will say is that it was one of the best vacations I have ever had, for a multitude of reasons that will be revealed when I finally get back here to post. I wish we could have stayed longer, especially in our little manor in Devon, where we woke every morning to the sound of chirping birds, mooing cows, and quacking ducks. The air was fresh, the countryside green and gently sloping, and the sun illuminated it all in a rare show for an England spring. There was so much to do - especially for Daisy - that we could easily have filled up 2 weeks just there. People don't think about England as a vacation destination for kids but it SO IS, you have no idea (well, you will, but we only scratched the surface.) Anyway, we definitely need to go back.

In the meantime, I'm going to leave you holding your breath. I have to get back to work...

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e said...

Can't wait!

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