Friday, February 19, 2010

Quick Update

1. HIP

My swelling continued to go down, my PT said today. I think it's the new anti-inflam because we're not doing anything else significantly different, or at least anything that would affect my inflammation that quickly.

She also tested my flexibility because I was complaining that my leg felt tight, particularly in the quad. Yeah, well... NOT. I'm still hyperflexible. The pain I'm feeling IS nerve pain. It's sinking in slowly. VERY slowly. Each piece of information sits, absorbs, and is added to a previous piece of information.

It's hardly a wonder I'm not religious - if I need 3 weeks of continuous examples, education, and proof that my pain is not muscle/tightness related, think how much proof you'd have to show me to convince me that God actually exists! (This is not a comment on anyone who IS religious, by the way. It's just the way I am. I don't take things at face value. Sorry!)

Talking of which... my PT is a believer and has taken my studious silence during a recent chat with her intern about where she worships, as agreement with the same. Now my PT includes instruction on how to pray for better health and to put my fate in God's hands.

Sorry folks... I don't see God poking my nerve endings. I'm going to stick with trying to fix this one myself.

And lest you think that I am a horrible heathen (which you may very well do anyway), I am at least not planning on telling her that I am a non-believer. She is a nice person who is just trying to help me and, quite honestly, I don't want to have "that" conversation with her (and she is the type that would have "that" conversation.) I respect her right to worship whomever she wants and neither want to be converted nor engaged in a religious debate. So, I'm staying "mum", as wel say in Blighty.

Last note on this: pain is still pretty constant. Not much change there, although I take my friend, e's point, that my overall trend may be slowly downwards by small degrees; it may take a while to register that there's a difference.


Today 147.8lbs and 36.3% fat. So, my tally is 13.2lbs lost and 2.8lbs to go to my target. 6.3% of my bodyfat still to lose. Blech!

On the plus side, with all this physical therapy focusing on strengthening my trunk, I'm going to end up with six-pack abs!


e said...

Woo hoo! Great news, I'm rooting for ya like crazy.

As for praying: I get my religious/spiritual friends to pray for me. The way I figure it, I have no more proof that it doesn't work than I have proof that it does, so what's the harm?

The other thing I've thought about in terms of prayer is that there may be something to the mind-over-matter thing. I don't really believe that "god" is out there or listens to us, but I do think that sometimes when people pray, something changes in the chemistry of their brain, and while they might think that god is helping them, they are in fact the architects of the solution to their problem.

So I agree with you about not saying anything to her, why upset her? And she might pray for you, which can't hurt.

TravelVixen said...

I do believe in the power of positive thought, or mind-over-matter as it is otherwise known. So, there is definitely no harm in me, or anyone else, having good thoughts about my recovery - whether or not they involve a deity of some kind is entirely up to the individual.

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