Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some people live in completely alternate language realities

I'm sitting at the gate at Seattle airport, waiting to board my flight (which I've just overheard is 20 minutes delayed, although nothing on any board says it is) and the guy next to me is on the phone with a co-worker. His entire 40 minute bitching session has been almost completely indecipherable to me. It has been going something like this: "Dude! But the Version 6 composite release shouldn't interfere with the system 8 update. The sequel servers should interface with the JP6 and reload the back-end network asp. The TSP is fine, dude. These frickin' people are kindergardeners. It sucks."

Exactly what I was thinking.


e said...

Isn't it weird when you (more or less) understand the words but not what the person is saying? It feels like something is broken in the brain.

Urban Koda said...

This person falls squarely into group #5 of computer user that I detailed on my blog the other day.

Specifically... The IT guy with the God Complex. Plagued by being surrounded by the technically incompetent and cursed with superior intellect and always being right.

May I apologize on behalf of civilization us we know it that you had to endure this experience.

e said...

oooh, oooh oohh!! Which category are bloggers in??

Urban Koda said...

From what I've seen... I'd have to put most of the bloggers I know in Groups #3 and #4...

Please note this is just something I made up, and I am willing to accept additions or further refinements!

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