Sunday, September 02, 2007

British Rants is on vacation

In, of all places, Britain!

I will post as often as I can but I will be in Sweden for a few days and probably without internet connection.



e said...

Yay, have fun and say hi to Paul. In fact, give her a bit smoocy hug.

caw said...

ooooo, the land of pre-packaged cheesey sambos from M&S! YUMMMM!
...yes, yes - I would lava to discuss Buffy over fluffy cheese sandwiches at your housewarming luvvie. It would be a hoot.

Sveridge - make sure you go to the Grand Hotel for Sunday breakfast in Stockholm if you can. It is beautiful --- some pixies of it live here at Googlesearch:,HPIC:2005-18,HPIC:en&q=grand+hotel+stockholm

Travel safely, have oodles of fun and we'll see you when you get back :) xxxxx

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